February 23-24
Homestead Resort, Midway, UT


Join us for our marriage retreat in beautiful Midway, Utah. The retreat isĀ February 23-24, at the Homestead Resort. Cost will be $185 per couple. This includes your room, breakfast, three sessions, and refreshments.

Get away with your spouse to reconnect and learn some important tools to help strengthen your marriage. The retreat will be divided into 3 sessions titled:

  • Develop your love map
    Do you want to show your spouse how much you love them? Then get to know every detail about them, from things like their favorite salad dressing to what’s on their bucket list. We’ll show you some practical ways to discover and store those personal facts away in your brain for future use!
  • Earn trust by responding to your spouse’s “bids”
    Your spouse has expectations and will present those in indirect and direct ways. How you choose to respond to those hints or “bids” will greatly impact how much your spouse will trust you. Find out how to listen for and respond in ways that will build trust in your marriage.
  • Learn how to really listen to your spouse
    Learn what it means to really listen, which is more than just the ability to repeat back what you heard. Real listening demonstrates a heart that truly wants to understand your spouse. Discover some skills that will help you to be a great listener!

Each session will also feature a panel discussion with members of the Alpine pastoral team.

Don’t miss out on this experience! Click here to register today. Space is limited.